Proyectos integrales ingenieria
Our team is able works and adapt our skills
to the needs of each client.

Industrial Engineering

The first stage in the industrial plant engineering is conceptual engineering. In this phase some issues as preliminary studies, research of solutions or alternatives and applicable technology are defined. Once project requirements are considered, the plant process is to be studied by means of flowcharts and preliminary layouts.

After defining the technology and the global concept of the project, basic and detailed engineering are raised. This process consists of specifying all the components of the project to be acquired or manufactured.

Depending on the project type and the stage we are, other specialized tasks could be needed. Proaltec is able to provide such tasks as well:

- As Built de P&ID
- 3D Inverse Engineering
- Stress Analysis, etc.

PROALTEC services include the beginning, the execution and completion of the project, from the legalization and licensing documentation up to the project management and construction supervision.